Industrial Therapy Solutions
Assists US based companies in reducing the impact musculoskeletal injuries have on the bottom line and the lives of their associates.

Founded in 1995 in Appleton Wisconsin as Blankenheim Services, the company grew significantly and built a solid reputation in business and industry by effectively integrating therapy and engineering services to meet client needs in reducing workplace injuries.

By combining the perspectives of physical/occupational therapy and engineering/ergonomics along with a knowledge of OSHA standards and Worker’s Compensation administration practices, the company created a suite of services to help prevent ergonomic/musculoskeletal injuries and manage injuries more successfully when they do occur. This unique approach and suite of services is called Ergonomically Based Injury Management®. Along the way, the company also developed ErgoFactor®, a proprietary online tool for analyzing ergonomic risk factors of jobs and tasks.

In 2019 Blankenheim Services restructured into separate entities allowing the ErgoFactor business to focus on ergonomics internationally, and Industrial Therapy Solutions to concentrate on helping business and industry in the US avoid and manage soft-tissue injuries. ITS’ professional staff of Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers bring their clinical skills and ergonomic training to bear delivering a wide mix of services designed to prevent workplace injuries and lower worker’s compensation costs. ITS staffs over 100 on-site clinics within client facilities nation-wide, and regularly consults with many more. In addition to a regular staff of over 90 employees, ITS has a network of over 200 subcontracted physical and occupational therapists nation-wide to help deliver programs and services.