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OSHA Recordable Rates

Industrial Therapy Solutions' Rehab Response program is designed to identify an issue at the early stages of the injury pathway, decreasing the likelihood of escalation. ITS has an intimate knowledge of OSHA 1904.7 guidelines and a solid record with over 1 million interactions and zero citations. ITS has a 97% success rate in preventing an OSHA Recordable.

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Loss Time Rates

Our programs identify ergonomic risk factors, prevent injuries, and mitigate injuries onsite - keeping costs down and employees productive.

We are able to prevent loss time 99% of the time when employees come to us first.

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Workers' Compensation Costs

Industrial Therapy Solutions' Injury Management solutions are applied throughout the injury pathway from the first report of injury to maximum medical improvement. Clients typically see a 50% reduction in workers' compensation costs in the first year.

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General Employee Wellness

Our Rehab Response program can focus on both work and non-work related soft tissue discomfort and personal health goals through onsite therapy.

What happens outside work can affect production. When your employees are healthy, productivity increases.

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Prevention of Ergonomic Injuries

Our clinicians aim to spend 50% of their workday engaging your employees on the plant floor - active in learning the ins and outs of each job. We try out jobs, perform task analyses, complete ergonomic assessments and use our "therapist" point-of-view to identify and mitigate risk factors before they lead to injury.

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Ergonomic Culture

Employees view our programs and services as an additional benefit offered through their employer who values their well-being. This promotes better employee satisfaction and an improved ergonomic culture.

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ADAA Issues

Industrial Therapy Solutions conducts thousands of POPE tests per year. Because we truly understand the nature of specific disabilities and have the quantified data on jobs and their tasks, we are uniquely positioned to be Subject Matter Experts in complex ADAA questions.

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With a tight labor pool, Industrial Therapy Solutions provides consultative services on current onboarding programs.

ITS can also customize onboarding programs to train new employees in ergonomic best practices while on the job. Our model is 99% effective in worker placement.

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