While our clients are welcome to use our services a la carte, our clients have seen the best success with a bundle of services.
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Service Level One

  • Cost-effective approach for smaller or more remote workforces that do not support an onsite therapy program
  • Emphasis on:
    • Screening new workers with a 99% success rate
    • New employee training
    • Remote support of employee MSDs with over 90% success rate
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Service Level Two

  • This is our most common, well-rounded approach
  • Clients typically see a 50% reduction in both OSHA recordable injuries and cost of ergonomic injuries in the first year with long-term incremental improvements
  • Our therapist provides onsite therapy weekly to address the musculoskeletal needs of your employees
  • When not treating in the clinic, our therapist supports your floor level ergonomic program and tests new workers to ensure safe hiring and placement
  • Our therapists are 100% value added
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Service Level Three

  • Designed for clients looking for a true world class ergonomic and injury management program
  • The level of job and task data we utilize supports both ergonomics and return to work
  • Most of our clients at this level also use ErgoFactor (ITS is the premier healthcare provider of ErgoFactor)
  • This service level is ideal for clients with a sophisticated and successful safety program looking to raise both their ergonomic and injury management programs to that same level
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Meta-Posture® Program

Revolutionary stretch program that improves workers' quality of life while maintaining safety and production standards that keep companies compliant and competitive.

  • Fewer musculoskeletal complaints were reported after completion of MP program.
  • 78% of workers showed improvement in ergonomic lifting behavior.
  • 63% of workers reported less pain after three weeks of performing the MP program.
  • MP program takes 2 minutes a day versus a traditional stretch program time of 10 minutes.
  • More time is spent working and less time spent stretching which increases productivity.

Post-Offer/Pre-Employment (POPE) Testing

POPE Testing is designed to ensure all new hires are placed into positions they can adequately perform without injuring themselves or others. In essence, matching employees to the work environment.

  • Our model is 99% effective in worker placement.
  • Uniform pre-employment screenings across multiple client locations

Job Analysis

An in-depth examination of jobs and associated tasks that identifies ergonomic risk and offers recommendations.

  • Useful for making ergonomic improvements on the floor
  • Placing employees safely at hire and/or return to work
  • Proactively treating employees with musculoskeletal issues.

Transitional Worker Assessments

Provides information to allow Industrial Therapy Solutions to assist the worker in becoming successful in a new position.

  • Safely transition an employee from one job to another more demanding job

Injury Management

Injury Management solutions are applied throughout the injury pathway from the first report of injury to maximum medical improvement.

  • Helps companies deal with issues in a proactive instead of reactive manner and ensures a safe return to work.

Onboarding Programs

With a tight labor pool, we provide consultative services on current onboarding programs. We can customize onboarding programs to train new employees in ergonomic best practices while on the job and perform ergonomic assessments of employee workstations.

  • Safely bring new employees into the facility
  • Customized to the unique constraints of the facility

Onsite Rehab Response

Designed to identify an issue at the early stages of the injury pathway, decreasing the likelihood of escalation. Our onsite therapy program has a 97% success rate in keeping complainants from seeking outside medical attention.

  • Minimizes OSHA Recordable injuries
  • Decreased Lost Time
  • Lessens Restricted Duty
  • Decreases musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Decreases workers compensation costs
  • Reduces risk in the workplace

Remote Rehab Response

Issues are triaged via a scure online video chat and supports clients' goals of minimizing discomforts from becoming something more serious.

  • 90% success rate when treating employees via secure online video chat – avoiding the need to go to an outside medical provider
  • No Lost Time reported

Skilled Therapy

Physician-ordered therapy for musculoskeletal disorders or ergonomic-related injuries provided onsite to help facilitate an efficient and safe return to work, thus reducing overall costs while keeping the employee productive.

Employer Benefits:
  • Work is used as a therapeutic modality
  • Industrial Therapy Solutions’ therapists communicate with physicians, ensuring that treating physicians understand the true nature of an employee’s job
  • Industrial Therapy Solutions will bill workers compensation or private insurance directly
  • Productivity is minimally affected
Employee Benefits:
  • Immediate access to professional care
  • Convenient to employees
  • Reduces time away from work
  • The Industrial Therapy Solutions therapist is a familiar face onsite and understands the employee’s job requirements while providing care

Office Ergonomics

Ergonomic assessment to ensure the workspace is set up ergonomically to best fit each employee.

  • Proper workstation setup and work practices can eliminate discomfort and even prevent it from occurring in the first place.


Customized training to meet your facilities' ergonomic needs.

  • Consistent training for all employees

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