Injury Management Services

"What to do when you have an injured worker?"

"What if a claim of work-relatedness seems suspicious?"

"How do you get an employee to Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and back to productive work as quickly as possible?"

"How can you ensure that an employee released to full duty can do the job safely?"

"How can you safely deal with employees with medical restrictions?"

The questions surrounding managing injured workers are numerous. Industrial Therapy Solutions can provide high-level consulting on complex issues by ITS experts, and on-the-ground support to the Safety/Hr team at the site through onsite clinicians.

Injury management pathways can be formulated so that companies are dealing with issues in a proactive instead of a reactive manner.

  • Risk Factor Analyses to help determine causation,
  • Fit For Duty programs for assessing workers ability to do the work safely,
  • Case Facilitation Consults to aid in determining best treatment steps,
  • Functional Capacity Examinations,
  • Site-level support for Safety/HR teams in communicating with the medical community.

To find out more about how Injury Management Services may be beneficial to your company contact us.