Meta-Posture® Program

Industrial Therapy Solutions developed the Meta-Posture program as an efficient model to prevent musculoskeletal discomfort. The program consists of eight postures developed to prepare workers for a wide variety of physical tasks. The Meta-Posture program is unique compared to typical stretch programs because of the full-body features of each posture and because each posture includes aspects that strengthen the antagonist and accessory muscles, lengthen the agonists and foster proper joint and nerve health.

In a pilot study:

  • 78% of workers improved their lifting mechanics,
  • 63% reported fewer musculoskeletal complaints,
  • 57% reported feeling more energized.

The program is designed to be done in 2-3 minutes per day, versus a traditional stretch program that can take up to 10 minutes. This efficiency lessens the impact on production within a facility.

To find out more about how the Meta-Posture Program may be beneficial to your company contact us.