In hiring today, not every new employee starts a job physically able to do the work without putting themselves or others at risk of injury. Sometimes due to deconditioning, sometimes due to a pre-existing condition, having employees on the floor who are not physically able to do the work puts the safety of the whole facility at risk. The reality is that the fitness of the labor pool is a variable that cannot be controlled by the company.

A well-designed Onboarding Program takes into consideration the work environment and demands of production along with the individual who is starting a new job. Industrial Therapy Solution’s approach to onboarding programs are customized to the unique constraints at a facility. Usually, once in place the program can be implemented by the onsite clinician.

Elements of onboarding programs can include, but are not limited to:

  • Workstation ergonomic setup, adjustments and orientation
  • Work conditioning
  • Body mechanics training
  • Meta-Posture® training
  • Early interventions for musculoskeletal discomforts

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