Rehab Response

Rehab Response is Industrial Therapy Solution's early intervention preventive approach to managing strains and sprains; providing weekly onsite preventative education and care so employees do not need to seek outside medical attention. 97% of the time, if an employee is seen onsite, they do not need to go out for medical care.

The program is designed to identify an issue at the early stages of the injury pathway, decreasing the likelihood of escalation. Rehab Response incorporates a variety of care options to alleviate discomfort, facilitate healing, and prevent recurrence. With all services provided onsite, employers can manage cares, control costs, and prevent OSHA recordables.

ITS Clinician testing wrist extension
ITS Clinician testing passive shoulder flexion

ITS clinicians wear many hats. When not seeing patients in the therapy clinic, the therapists spend time with employees observing their work, addressing ergonomic issues, performing workstation evaluations and helping build a safety-minded culture.

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Mobile Rehab Response brings ITS' early intervention program to you with the use of a mobile clinic. Ideal for remote locations/sites, this clinic in a truck can be the perfect solution in the right situation.

Truck with Mobile Rehab Response logo

Currently this service is being used to provide coverage in the Eastern half of Wisconsin.

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