Remote Rehab Response

Remote Rehab Response assists employees at the first sign of musculoskeletal or soft tissue discomfort. This program is a stand-alone program or will work well in combination with the Meta-Posture® Program and Rehab Response. A great program for small businesses, remote workforces, supplemental care to ensure all employees have access across all shifts. 90% of the time, if an employee is seen via Remote Rehab Response, they do not need to go out for medical care.

Issues are triaged via a secure online video chat and supports clients’ goals of minimizing discomforts from becoming something more serious. This program is an efficient and cost-effective way to treat and prevent injuries while emphasizing employees’ safety and well-being.

ITS Clinician interacts with a patient over a video call

To find out more about how Remote Rehab Response may be beneficial to your company contact us.