Skilled Therapy

Industrial Therapy Solution’s onsite clinician can provide therapy to employees who have physician ordered therapy for musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) or ergonomic related injury. The clinician will use work as a function of therapy to help facilitate an efficient and safe return to work, thus reducing overall costs while keeping the employee productive.

Employee Benefits

  • Immediate access to professional care
  • Convenient to employees
  • Decreases time away from work
  • Clinician is a familiar face onsite and understands the employee’s job requirements while providing care

Employer Benefits

  • Work is used as a therapeutic modality with reconditioning for a safe, efficient and reliable return-to-work (RTW)
  • Clinicians communicate with physicians, ensuring the treating physicians understand the true nature of an employee’s job
  • ITS will bill Workers’ Compensation or private insurance
  • Productivity is minimally affected

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