Post Offer/Pre-Employment (POPE) testing helped client avoid imminent workers’ compensation case.

The candidate for a leading company in the hospitality industry interviewed well, but had an obvious physical disability. Believing that this candidate would be a good fit for the job, the hiring manager offered the position. Contingent upon passing the POPE test, the candidate accepted. However, during the POPE test, it became apparent that this candidate was a physical mismatch. Due to safety concerns, the appropriate channels were utilized to stop the test and notify the hiring manager.

The Solution:

The hiring manager notified corporate HR who then reached out to Industrial Therapy Solutions for assistance. Using our accommodations process and knowledge of the ADA, we were able to meet with corporate legal representatives. Industrial Therapy Solutions then presented the case as to why placing the candidate in this position would be a risk. All potential options were explored, and ultimately, the offer was rescinded. The candidate agreed that this was the right decision.


This large client was able to avoid an imminent workers’ compensation case resulting from a physical injury; one that most likely would have required surgery as well as potential long-term disability. By partnering with Industrial Therapy Solutions to navigate this process, the value of POPE testing far exceeds the expense of a claim. This hiring decision was based on the candidate’s ability to perform the job, not on the candidates’ potential disability or any discriminatory issues. In utilizing the interactive accommodations process, both the candidate and client agreed that this was an unsuitable position for this candidate.

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Potential Cost Savings: $50,000+

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Rehab Response Saves Hiker's Knee

As a member of the Industrial Therapy Solutions team, I can personally attest to the value of an expert assessment for musculoskeletal pain.

Approximately 10 years ago, I was backpacking with my two teenage children across Isle Royale, which is an approximately 40-mile trip. I fell and sprained my knee on the last mile. After roughly 6 weeks of self-treatment including rest, ice, elevation, and activity modification, mild pain remained. At that point, given the length of recovery, I self-referred for an ortho consultation and was immediately recommended a total knee replacement. After this, I promptly self-referred to an Industrial Therapy Solutions physical therapist for a second assessment.

The Solution:

The therapist observed my gait - walking back and forth for 5 minutes, measured my leg length, and provided practical interventions. She taught me a self-massage technique of the lateral band, a safe stretch that would stretch my lateral band without putting undue pressure on my lower back. She also provided me with a fitted heel wedge which remedied both my leg length imbalance and my heel strike technique. After 6 weeks of mild to moderate pain, just one session with the therapist and I've been nearly pain free for the past 10 years. I've continued backpacking, walking while golfing 18 holes, and playing tennis 2-3 times per week.


What was the cost savings? One physical therapist visit plus the equipment totaled less than $100.

A total knee replacement would have cost in excess of $50,000.